I’m tired of being sad.
I’m tired of being mad.

I get it.
The world sucks.

All the systems in place have failed us. Left America and the rest of the world in a confused state of disarray.

What to do about it now?
Continue being sad and mad and confused…

During these Coronavirus times, the stark contrast that is income equality is becoming grossly apparent.

I personally do not believe money reflects true value.

Money is power.

Money is life-force energy.

Where Money flows is what gets brought to life in our capitalist-structured society.

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I feel a strong obligation to…

These are my personal thoughts on Coronavirus from a health-minded perspective. This is my subjective opinion and my raw, real thoughts.

I am a certified massage therapist and Ayurveda student. I focus greatly on food and nutrition and building immunity from the inside out. I pretty much spend all of…

Dear Chinese ancestors,
Thank you.

I am where I am because of what you did. There is no possible other way. I have been able to land in this place in time and space thanks to your hard work, to uplift all the generations to come. …

I wouldn’t have it any other way, not that I could change things :)

They are so supportive and so generous, wanting to give me everything they never had. Wanting the best life for me and my sister.

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Ultimately, there is nothing else like family. Family love and support is…

By no longer listening to other people and trusting myself.

It takes a while to get to this point, I definitely acknowledge this. I have put my body through some STUFF. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll make it.

I always do. My body always…

A happy poop is a sign of a well-functioning and well-metabolizing digestive system.
Plus, the word poop itself is a palindrome and that’s just darn-right fun.

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What goes in must come out

Why are we scared of talking about farting, pooping, burping, and more?

Why is it something that is rude, gross, and that we need…

Everything is fine and dandy and okay.
More than okay. Truthfully, things are quite splendiferous.

I am the happiest I’ve ever been.
I have also felt the saddest I’ve ever felt. The most pain I’ve ever felt. The most healing I’ve ever tapped into.

Stephanie Zhu. Healer. Writer. The mystic dreamer.

Spiritual guide.
Health warrior.

What’s SUP? Single-use products.

When I walk into a grocery store, my mind converts all the packaged goods in the aisle to empty containers. And then I get overwhelmed.

The reality of where our trash goes.

Instead, let’s take another approach.

Let me paint a picture of an idyllic community harmoniously engaging with Mother Nature and the organic interactions that arise as…

One of my forms of self-care is writing a love letter to myself.

My dearest Steph,
You are magnificent.
You are lovely and you shine so bright.

I see how you work so hard and diligently all the time, even if you don’t always see it yourself. I’m here to…

Stephanie Zhu

What to do, who to listen to...

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