Let’s De-Stigmatize Farting and Pooping

A happy poop is a sign of a well-functioning and well-metabolizing digestive system.
Plus, the word poop itself is a palindrome and that’s just darn-right fun.

Photo by Nadine Primeau on Unsplash

Why are we scared of talking about farting, pooping, burping, and more?

Why is it something that is rude, gross, and that we need to apologize for?

These are natural human body functions.

If anything, these are key information that you should be paying attention to.

These are clues of your body talking to you.
It’s telling of how your precious body is reacting to what you’re putting into it.

I pay close attention to all of my body excrements.

In various ancient healing practices, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, these are critical things to pay attention to.

For instance, your tongue will tell you if you have a candida overgrowth, and to what degree.
If you have B.O. exuding from your armpits, this is a sign of low magnesium levels.
And I always pay attention to health of my stool: the firmness, the color, how smoothly it wants to leave my body.

This tells me whether or not I need to be eating more fiber.

And isn’t it the most glorious feeling when you do have a beautiful excrement, that just comes out so happily and cleanly and in one large piece?

So stop thinking these NATURAL human body functions are gross. They are key and integral signs of your health.

If you fart a lot, that’s probably related to some indigestion and gassiness in your tummy.

Which means it's not the most happy with something you ate.
The fart is the critical information that will help you identify what it is.

Instead of isolating these body functions as random, one-off occurrences to be embarrassed by, harness them as information.

Pay attention to your body.

It speaks loud and clear. Give it a listen.

What to do, who to listen to...

What to do, who to listen to...