During these Coronavirus times, the stark contrast that is income equality is becoming grossly apparent.

I personally do not believe money reflects true value.

Money is power.

Money is life-force energy.

Where Money flows is what gets brought to life in our capitalist-structured society.

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

I feel a strong obligation to…

What’s SUP? Single-use products.

When I walk into a grocery store, my mind converts all the packaged goods in the aisle to empty containers. And then I get overwhelmed.

The reality of where our trash goes.

Instead, let’s take another approach.

Let me paint a picture of an idyllic community harmoniously engaging with Mother Nature and the organic interactions that arise as…

One of my forms of self-care is writing a love letter to myself.

My dearest Steph,
You are magnificent.
You are lovely and you shine so bright.

I see how you work so hard and diligently all the time, even if you don’t always see it yourself. I’m here to…

Stephanie Zhu

What to do, who to listen to...

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